Vans Rowley XLT

Vans Mens 62429C4842 Rowley Solo Skate Shoes: This shoe was Geoff Rowley's pro model and he rips, it looks great, and it's light as hell. Any person who has ever picked up this shoe in their hands opens their eyes with amazement on how light it really is.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse Women 36935S1200 Chuck Taylor All Star All Black High Top Shoes: Along with the other greats of our skateboard past, the Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Top offers skateboarders what they still look for today in skate shoes: flexibility and support.

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez Zoom Air

Nike Unisex 57515C4140 SB P Rod Citadel LR Shoes Black/Blue Force: People might question why this shoe is on the list because of how new it is still, but the fact that this is the first time in history that Nike released a signature shoe for a skateboarder is a huge deal and propelled P-Rod into the legendary ranks of Nike athletes with pro models including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Bo Jackson. Props.
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